Public Sector Branding

Public Sector Branding in Asia (Paperback) by Paul Temporal with Stefan Paul Jaworski


A great look at nation branding and the challenges and benefits of using brand strategy in developing nation brand power. Based on collaberation of two of the world's top brand builders. The first chapter which sets a compelling, insightful tone and Nation Brand Effect (NBE) were both developed and written by Stefan Paul Jaworski, as well as several case studies used.  




What are the Rewards of Branding for Countries?

How does National Branding affect Public Sector Branding?

Why do Asian countries need Branding?

Are There Any Rules?


Take a close look at how branding can enhance effectiveness in the public sector; how the Nation Brand Effect and Nation Brand Identity develop; how these affect a country’s growth, from its ministries to government-linked corporations to tourism; and how negative Brand Effect can be reversed. With special attention to Asian countries, this guide includes case studies from the West in relation to potential scenarios of the emerging economies in the East.




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Paperback: 126 pages

Publisher: Times Editions (January 2004)

ISBN: 9812324208

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